Consultancy for ecosystem services finance

Value for Nature Consulting provides expertise on all aspects related to ecosystem services markets and finance.
With over 19 years of experience in:

  • consultancy work in international climate policy and finance, carbon markets, forest carbon and other ecosystem services (biodiversity, water-related, and others) quantification and modelling
  • carbon forestry project assessment and development,
  • carbon credit certification and commercialization,

and with 22 years in forestry, ecology, land use and natural resource management Value for Nature combines scientific/technical, financial and policy-making knowledge and expertise.

Bringing a broad and comprehensive insight into these key aspects of on-the-ground land use practices, national and international policies, markets and finance for ecosystem services Value for Nature offers an all-round package of services that work for nature and people.

Value for Nature’s mission is to give carbon, biodiversity, water and other ecosystem services their due value in the economic and political decision making. Only then can the world’s natural capital and resources be preserved at a sustainable level, which ultimately is the basis for our civilization’s survival.