Non-carbon Ecosystem Services

Value for Nature’s Jan Fehse has led on or has materially contributed to over 50 consulting assignments with specific relevance to forests in climate markets and policy. He was also involved in several carbon credit purchase and sales deals from forestry projects. Below is a small selection of relevant experience to the specified topic.


Non-carbon ecosystem services

  • Paper on the Business Case for High-Biodiversity REDD projects and Schemes (2008). Jan Fehse co-authored this paper for the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), analyzing the potential for future REDD activities to contribute to the objectives of the CBD, and how REDD could be used to build a business case for biodiversity.


  • Drafting the National Strategy on Payment Schemes for Ecosystem Services in Colombia (2007). Together with Colombian partner Ecoversa, Jan Fehse was involved in providing the foundations for this draft strategy for the Environment Ministry through the FONADE fund, giving inputs from his experience with carbon markets and the development of payment schemes for non-carbon forest ecosystem services. The work included a revision and discussion of relevant international case studies on carbon sequestration, watershed management, biodiversity conservation and scenic beauty.


  • Non-Carbon Ecosystem Services Provided by the Development of Alternative Financing Mechanisms for Sustainable Forest Management Project in the Valle de San Nicolas, near Medellin, Colombia (2005-2008). In the second phase of this project, described earlier above, Jan Fehse was responsible for the identification, quantification, valuation and marketing of non-carbon ecosystem services, particularly of biodiversity, watershed, services and scenic beauty. The financial instruments designed in Phase one were reviewed and improved according to more thorough analyses, and a new methodological approach was designed towards capturing the value of the forest’s environmental services.