Baseline Methodology Development

Value for Nature’s Jan Fehse has led on or has materially contributed to over 50 consulting assignments with specific relevance to forests in climate markets and policy. He was also involved in several carbon credit purchase and sales deals from forestry projects. Below is a small selection of relevant experience to the specified topic.
Baseline Methodology Development
  • Developing a baseline and monitoring methodology for a VCS REDD project in Tanzania (November 2011 – ongoing). Starting in November 2011 with a project feasibility assessment and methodology design for a community-based fire management project in dryland miombo forests in coastal Tanzania, contracted by the Mpingo Conservation Development Initiative, Value for Nature has since October 2012 moved on to developing the actual methodology, in collaboration with the University of Edinburghs Global Change Ecology research group.


  • Development of new CDM Forestry Baseline and Monitoring Methodologies, as well as the Technical Sections of the Project Design Document (PDD) for a Reforestation Project in the Western Andean slopes of Ecuador (2004 – 2007). Conservation International contracted EcoSecurities to develop the new methodologies and prepare the relevant PDD sections accordingly. This effort was led by Jan Fehse. The CDM Meth Panel had accepted no baseline and monitoring methodologies for CDM forestry projects at the time and this cutting edge assignment thus required all of Jans extensive expertise in the field of CDM forestry technical and policy issues, as well as relevant parallel experience with emission reduction projects and methodologies. The methodology was approved as ARAM007 in February 2007.


  • Methodology development, Project Design Document, Validation, Commercialization, Registration and Monitoring of the FICAFE programme in El Salvador (2003 -2011).This avoided deforestation programme run by the Banco Multilateral de Inversiones is providing incentives to coffee growers to maintain their shaded coffee plantations. Jan Fehse was involved in the development of the baseline and monitoring methodology (under a proprietary standard as VCS did not yet exist), the Project Design Document, the Registration of the project on the Markit Environmental Registry, the brokering of a carbon credit sales deal for the project, and he is currently advising on the monitoring effort.


  • Technical Paper on methodological options (baselines and monitoring) for simplified modalities for small-scale afforestation and reforestation projects under the CDM (2004). The UNFCCC Secretariat contracted Jan Fehse to provide technical background on baseline and monitoring methodologies and to formulate options for their simplifications for small-scale CDM forestry projects. The paper served as a base for discussion at the 20th session of the SBSTA in Bonn, June 2004.