Capacity Building

Value for Nature’s Jan Fehse has led on or has materially contributed to over 50 consulting assignments with specific relevance to forests in climate markets and policy. He was also involved in several carbon credit purchase and sales deals from forestry projects. Below is a small selection of relevant experience to the specified topic.


Capacity Building

  • Preparation of a policy brief on Ecuador’s Socio Bosque Programme (2012). For the UK Climate and Development Knowledge Network Jan Fehse prepared a paper describing the Ecuadorian government’s scheme of conservation agreements with communal and private landholders, focusing on its successes, challenges and its lessons for REDD policy makers in other countries.


  • Preparation and moderation of a yearly course on forest carbon offset certification, policy and markets (2001-2009). The ProForest Summer Programme on sustainable forest management issues includes a day on Forests and Climate Change, which Jan Fehse prepared and moderated for many years.


  • Co-moderation in a Workshop for Latin American Decision Makers in the Forestry Sector (2003). The UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) invited Jan Fehse to be one of three principal moderators for this three-day workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in November 2003. The workshop, which was co-funded by the UN Environment Program (UNEP) and the International Conservation Union (IUCN), covered all political, financial and technical issues related to the development of CDM projects.


  • Moderation of two CDM Capacity Building Workshops for Nicaragua’s CDM office (2001). Jan Fehse designed and co-moderated two three-day events, commissioned by the Nicaraguan CDM office in August and December 2001. The workshops were geared towards potential project developers and consultants in the private and NGO sectors, covering all political, financial and technical issues related to the development of CDM projects, both in the energy and forestry sectors.